Apex AP-Pro Regent Ultra Advanced Massage Chair (Cream)

Engineered by top Japanese designers in the industry, the science behind the massage provides a unique life-like massage second to none. Be ready to be amazed! Rhythmic Massage with Real Body Scan. Heated Foot Massage and Heat Blanket. 9 Manual Massage and 11 Pre-set Program Massage. Memorize Custom Massage Sequences upto 3.

Product Features

  • 4D Massage Designed by Top Japanese Designers
  • Heated Foot Massage
  • Real Body Scan
  • Memory Function
  • Deep Spot Function

Cream and Burgundy Pedicure Spa Massage Chair with Free Stool


Flash seven color lights.

Two adjustable wooden trays.

Adjustable footrest.

Discharge pump is NOT included.

Comes with Tapping, Rolling, Kneading massage cushion.

Adjustable Speed,Strength,Up/Down, Pipeless technology with jet for soothing water massage Power recline and forward/backward seat movement.

*Does not come with airbags or MP3 music player.

This luxurious pedicure spa chair is specially designed for your own personal preference. With several seat colors to choose from, you can design your chair to be a unique signature of your salon or spa. Featuring a roller massage cushion, the pipeless jet provides therapeutic water benefits for the feet, with very simple components for fast and effective cleaning between appointments.

Please NOTE: This unit doesn’t have UL, Please check your City Code to see if a UL Label is required.

Product Features

  • Pipeless jet technology with jet for soothing water massage.
  • Two wooden side trays.
  • 7 Colors of flashing lights.
  • Adjustable Footrest.
  • Comes with Tapping, Rolling, Kneading massage cushion Adjustable Speed,Strength,Up/Down

Massage King MK9199 Plus Newest Multi-Function Foot Massager / Leg Knee Angle Massager with Heat Therapy 2016 Model, Grey

This latest Massage King branded Leg Knee Ankle Massager With Heat Theraphy is your best option for foot massage. You can get the benefits of a quality foot massage at the comfort of your own home. This multifunction foot massager takes care of our sole, leg, knee and thigh. It’s the only foot massager model that can massage the knee and thigh. What is more? It is equipped with heat theraphy. Buy one today and stay healthy without going outdoors.

Product Features

  • The thigh – you can adjust the massager from 0-90 degree based on your needs. Through air pressure squeezing and impact of release,your muscle will be relaxed completely
  • The knee – the acupuncture points of your knee will be massaged from different angles. Infrared heating device can clear and activate the channels and collaterals as well as using far infrared heating function to effectively alleviate joint pain
  • The leg – with double action design is able to more effectively massage the leg. By squeezing and kneading via air pressure, acupuncture points around the leg are stimulated to improve blood circulation and reduce fatigure
  • The sole – use roller or traction in combination with gentle air bag force to stimulate the sole
  • Etl certified. Power: 110v plugs into regular outlet

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

The all new Panasonic EP-MA73 is here! Heated foot massage and heated 3D rollers provide a relaxing humanistic massage experience unlike any other chair. The new Quadruple Stretch feature provides deep stretch throughout the shoulders, pelvis, leg, and neck. Ultra Kneading technology has been added to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet for true full body relief.

Heated Massage Heads
Realistic massage therapist techniques combined with the healing relaxing of heat. Its like warm hands of a professional masseuse that loosen tense, sore muscles, relieving tension and stimulating increased blood flood.

Hand & Arm Massage
Gently kneads from above and below relaxing the hand and arm and relieving tension.

Moving Armrest
Adjusts automatically to massage both arm and hand – even when lying down.

Hip & Thigh Massage
Airbags around the waist and thighs relax the trunk and lower back.

Foot Massage
3D air cushions surrounding the feet gently squeeze for a realistic foot massage experience.

Shoulder Massage
Gently stimulates your lymphatic system to help cleanse the body.

Massage for the Shoulders
Airbags hold the shoulders in place as the massage heads knead the back, from the shoulders to the chest.

Buttocks, Pelvis & Thigh Stretching
3 airbags under the seat and thighs relax you by gently stretching.

Massage for the Pelvis
Airbags on both sides hold the pelvic area in place as the massage heads knead the lower back.

Calf Massage
Airbags gently knead both sides of the calves, loosening and increasing circulation.

Massage for the Legs
Airbags inflate to hold the sides of the thighs, calves and soles of the feet. The leg rest rises to stretch the leg muscles while the back is gently kneaded.

Suggested User Height: 4’6″ – 6’2″ (feet)
Max User Weight: 264lbs
8 total motors
31 inch roller stroke
33 total Airbags
Sleek Remote that can be removed from stand
Timer Settings: 5/15 minutes
Material: Synthetic Leather

Product Features

  • 3D Ultra Kneading w/ Heated Massage Head Technology
  • Double Heating Technology – Roller Heads & Soles
  • Sole Massage using Air Ultra Kneading Technology
  • New Neck Line Stretching

Superior Massage Chair SMC-6850

Our NEW flagship model, the SMC-6850 represents the apex of modern massage chair engineering. A perfect combination of power and comfort. Featuring astonishingly thorough, laser-precise pneumatic massage techniques, and our own unique 3D massage system with built-in heat pad technology (which delivers the deepest, strongest massage of any chair in the industry). This chair testifies to the beauty of technology and the joy of healthy living. An ergonomic design dramatically improves your comfort and the Zero Gravity one-touch automatic reclining system takes weight and pressure off of your bones and joints. The SMC-6850 can recline as far back as 170 degrees making you feel light as a feather, and so comfortable you might be tempted to take a nap. Your massage experience is controlled by a sophisticated series of advanced microprocessors that scan and map the topology of your back detecting every bump, curve, and indentation and then re-calibrates the rollers to give you an accurate, efficient, and perfectly tailored massage session.

Product Features

  • – Rolling Stroke: 31″
  • – Number of Motors Total: 13
  • – Timer Settings (minutes): 5-30, with 5 minute increments
  • – Maximum suggested user height: 6’6″
  • – Maximum suggested user weight: 250 lbs

Exacme New Domestic Luxury Systemic Multi-function Electric Zero Gravity Automatic Massage Chair 0008 (Black and White)

ExacMe Zero Gravity Automatic Massage Chair offer you a peaceful time of relaxation. This massage chair features multiple pre-programmed massage courses with 5 massage techniques, and 20 massaging balls with pulse mode to assure you receive a thorough massage. This new model chair has features other chairs do not have: Hidden armrest with comfortable air pressure massage function.When you want to enjoy the air massage on arm,wrist or hand, you can rise the armrest to effect air pressure massage function,and hide the armrest when not use. The chair can be lie down and uprise through operate controller,and you can adjust a comfortable position . Features: Eight major innovation :comfortable silk pillow, LCD remote-controller, zero gravity lift, heat function, steel frame, high-quality PU Leather, Safe flame retardant sponge, Roller Reflexology Massage 20 massaging balls. Head, back, arm, hip and foot contains multiple airbags. Comfortable air pressure on head, seat, leg and foot parts for for kneading and massaging, promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Adjustable air massage – Multiple levels of intensity from strong to weak massage. Added neck massage feature – Massage heads are designed to relieve your neck stress. Intelligent roller system – Flexible, conforms to the contour and shape of your back. Recline – The raising and reclining of the backrest. Reclining backrest for better position of massaging according to personal preference. Armrest moves with backrest for comfortable arm positon in in different reclining spot. Soft air pressure massager surrounding the leg for better muscle relieving from the fatigue and better blood circulating. Waist, leg and arm set up the warm system. Type : 6160-0008 Color : Black Red/Black White Dimension : 33.5”(L) x 47.3”(W) x 51.2”(H) Packing Size : 51.2” x 34.7” x 29.2” Net Weight : 165.5 lbs Length the cable : 59” Voltage : 110V Rated Power : 160W

Product Features

  • Black and Red/Black and White
  • comfortable silk pillow, LCD remote-controller, zero gravity lift, heat function, steel frame, high-quality PU Leather, Safe flame retardant sponge, Roller Reflexology Massage
  • Waist, leg and arm set up the warm system.
  • 20 massaging balls with pulse mode
  • Material : PU Leather

Portal Pro 3 Massage Chair By Oakworks – Ocean

Oakworks® massage chair, Portal Pro3: 19 Pounds of Independence and Opportunity

With optimum and ergonomic patient access to cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, as well as scapula and shoulder regions, on-site massage is that much simpler.

Set up your massage chair in airports, shopping malls and office buildings, even police and fire stations. Take the tension out of tight shoulders and aching neck muscles wherever you find them.

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Uncommonly comfortable
  • <p Ergonomic
  • Exceptional access
  • Comes with an Instructional video and a Carry Case

With extensive adjustability, the Portal Pro 3® supports your clients’ wide-ranging height, weight and body-build differences.

From 4’11’ to 6′ 4″ and up to 300 lbs., your clients will find comfort and support positioned on Portal Pro 3®

With a simple push-button mechanism you can easily adjust the seat height of the Portal Pro 3 massage chair to fit any size client.

The arm rest for the Portal Pro 3 massage chair is also adjustable and uses the same one-handed cam lock operation as the face rest. Position your clients perfectly with easy QuickLock⢠ergonomics.

The offset wheels keep the Portal Pro 3 massage chair stable and grounded when in use but allow the wheels to engage when the chair is folded so that you can easily roll it along with you anywhere.

Easy to care for but hard wearing powder-coating keeps your equipment looking good for years even if you use it outdoors.

Lightweight aluminum helps this chair to weigh in at a mere 19 pounds for the ultimate in massage on the go.

Signature II Beige Dark W/Adjustable Headrest W/Armsling W/Expandable Side Arm Supports

You need to buy a portable massage table, you need the strength to support your large client and the flexibility and comfort to make them relax on your new portable massage table. That’s why therapist choose ALIVEe portable massage tables. With our solid hard wood construction and 3 layer foam system within our portable massage table in our UltraSoft environmentally friendly leather. Introducing our newly redesigned line of portable massage tables, our II series tables remain as strong, and durable as the original. By following our mission to bring the best massage products at an affordable price to massage professionals around the world. We have worked diligently with premier schools and massage therapists both within the United State and Internationally. It was with the professionals like you that we made our improvements to best fit the needs of all. Massage Table

Product Features

  • Dimensions 28″Wx77″Lx19-27″H
  • Working Weight 600lb
  • Static Weight 3000lb
  • 3″ 3 Layer High Density Foam
  • Environmentally friendly ultra soft PU Leather

Eclipse 4 Motor Electric Facial Chair, Facial Massage Bed (Table, Chair)

76.4L x 31.5W x 20-35H Comes in White

4 Motor Bed with hidden wheels to move easy.

This Electric bed has a very unique design with unlimited positioning.

It combinations which will give you the ultimate freedom to perform

even outpatient aesthetic procedures. This is ultimate luxury facial and message bed with ultra luxurious breathable fabric which is very easy

to clean and maintain.

Stylish hand held remote with long cord. It handles up to 400 Lbs weight.


* 4 Motors

* Hidden Wheels

* Ultra sleek look

* Vast Range of Motion

* Face Cradle: provides smooth and easy adjustment

* Colors Available: Black, Dark Brown or White

* Dimensions:

76.4″L x 25″W x 20″-35″H

* Chair Weight: 145 Lbs

* Working Weight Capacity:

300 Lbs

* Note: Each Ultra Bed ships on its own pallet by common carrier

Product Dimensions :

* Default position:

72″ x 24″ x 26″ (L x W x H) * Arm rest width: 4″

* Cushion thickness: 4″

* Weight: 135 lbs.

* Default position: Bed completely flat, w/o arms

* All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion


Please keep in mind that heavy and bulky items are being shipped with freight company. The shipping rate above is for only curbside delivery.

Curbside delivery means they pull the truck up to the front of your house or office building, load the package(s) onto the lift gate on the back of the

truck, lower the lift, and push the package(s) onto the sidewalk in front of your house. If there is not an incline or stairs leading to your house, they

may wheel the package(s) to your door.

Product Features

  • 4 Motors Electric Facial Bed, Massage Bed (Table, Chair)
  • Electric Facial Bed
  • Built to Last
  • Available colors: White or Black
  • Hidden Wheels