Brookstone Rock Recline Massage Chair

I know you’ve seen the chairs at the mall and you’ve waited for the stranger to get up and take your turn and you thought my goodness I’d love that and it’s three for $5,000 Brookstone is officially launching the technology the meat and potatoes the best guts of their three for $5,000 chairs in a brand new streamlined gorgeous rock and recline this is a world launch product there are 80 of these in the world and they are all available for sale only exclusively here at HSN we’ve got flex pay we’ve got free shipping we’ve got VIP financing what you get is shiatsu massage kneading rolling massage tapping massage you’ve got reclining speed reclining functions you’ve got heat built in today this is what today’s show has been all about whether it is a gift to dad for Father’s Day or is finally treating yourself to a massage any and every day of the week from energizing tapping to stress relieving shiatsu Michael I’m just going to put the chair on let it do its work and you can tell us a little bit about what’s inside of it you know for 20 years whenever you go to visit one of our stores you’re probably going to see one of our amazing chairs which hopefully sit in it and hopefully sit in it and that’s exactly what this is about I mean we’ve sold over million massage products and the United to people in the United States and it’s just been absolutely amazing and the reason why we’ve done so well in the massage category is because of the attention to detail when you think about these chairs everything that we possibly wanted to be able to do we paid attention to when it came to the massage mechanism where it’s at does that feel amazing oh yeah when we think about the ergonomics of the chair when we think about where we put you know the pillow at the top when we think about you know everything right down to the stitching or the fact that we wanted to make sure that it fit every shape and size of body this was the details that we wanted to focus on when we created the chair the amazing thing about this particular model is that when we challenge the team to be able to build it we wanted to take everything that you spoke about we didn’t want you to sacrifice the performance inside of a smaller chair we wanted you to be able to enjoy having a chair anywhere inside your house any room easily be able to move it around it only weighs 82 pounds really really incredibly simple to set up because you plug it into the wall to be able to get it to work I just I’m thrilled I have to tell you it does not look like old sad dad’s chair that is an eyesore it looks modern and cool it has rocking and lifting features built into it so it elevates your feet when they’re feeling tired or cranky or achy it works all the way down to the glutes and all the way up into the shoulders and the back it is just this is really this is a celebration of a brand new day here at HSN we have got your flex pay special that you love about shopping for us if it is finally the year to treat dad in a way that you’ve never been able to treat him before you know only HSN allows you to buy the brand new rock and recline and it is only 150 dollars to get it home to use it to experience it to see if it is that chair you’ve always wanted to own but unfortunately Brookstone is at the very beginning of their brand-new most affordable reclining massaging chair there are 67 and several in-line ordering there’s right now we will deliver it in time for Father’s Day and as somebody who juggles a three and a half year old and a 15 month old I can tell you my whole body could use this every single day but for everybody out there this is premium luxury at its very best this is that ultimate massage that you own on demand that you are proud to have in your home that you cannot wait to get home and experience for yourself tonight it is a hundred and fifty dollars on any major credit or debit card to get it home and you’re buying not just any old massage chair you’re buying the newest in the industry from Brookstone the leader in massage chairs here at HSN Michael thank you for letting us be the ones to premiere this chair to the world and just given me a few moments on it it sure does feel good it’s been amazing and I’ll tell you what the most amazing thing about this chair is the fact that we have that L track design right from the top of your shoulders all

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