Where to buy Massage Chairs

Where to buy massage chairs. Massage provides instant comfort and relief. That’s why massage chairs are fast becoming popular these days. There are several popular massage chair models by the various companies in the market. The Dolphin massage chairs by Pisces productions are hugely popular in the market. This particular model has been very much in demand over the past few years. Its fan following is increasing with each passing year.

Founded in the year 1977 the Pisces productions, has been actively involved in the creation of many effective and wonderful massage products. The company is a well-known manufacturer of massage tables, chairs, and other accessories. Its Dolphin range of massage chairs have become a great hit since its introduction. The Dolphin II massage chair TM, in particular, has been a highly popular product, since it was launched in the market in 1996.

The Dolphin massage chairs are the first and the only chairs which allow the user to position himself or the client from a vertical to a completely horizontal position, or any other position in between. It also provides access to the lower back, as well as the spine. It also allows for better work with the mechanics, and also the use of body weight to do the work. Its unique design boasts of beautiful circular lined telescopic adjustments that make it the most advanced professional massage chair in the world today.

Some of the many advantages of the Dolphin massage chairs include the following:

Access to the lower back ensures the massage can be carried out where it is needed the most. The massage chairs make the user feel more comfortable and ensure he/she does not need to hold any postural muscles. Since it allows the body weight to do all the work, the massage can be carried out for longer and deeper levels. The chair offers more choices of positions than any other massage chair, and can also accommodate the users of any size rather comfortably. The aluminum frame of the chair is highly durable and powder-coated which makes it chip-resistant, and also convenient to clean. The welded and fixed base provides great strength and stability to support the heaviest of users.

The Dolphin massage chairs are also very easy to transport which means they can be set up just about anywhere without any inconvenience.

The Dolphin massage chairs are, thereforeComputer Technology Articles, a clear winner when it comes to massaging equipment. The latest versions of this model allow for maximum comfort and also convenient massaging.


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