Kawaii Massage Chair 3D Technology, HG1310 Series Brown

Kawaii Massage ChairKawaii Massage Chair – The Kawaii HG1310 offers the best technology by world-renowned LG Electronics in South Korea and includes unique features that other massage chairs don’t offer in today’s competitive market. One of Kawaii HG1310’s highlighted feature is the foot massage. Not only will it massage the bottom sole of your feet with a total of 6 different rollers, but it will also carefully massage the achilles and the top of the feet as well. The intelligent three-dimensional massage hands imitate professional massage movements to help create a relaxing spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.¬†This beautiful massage chair also hugs and forms to your body as it automatically scans the length of your back before every session.¬†Also included is the stretch mode to effectively stretch out your waist and legs. Customers also have the option to listen to their own carefully-selected music playlist while receiving their customized massage. After customizing the massage to your liking, the massage chair is able to memorize up to 3 of your own unique programs to eliminate readjustments for future massage sessions. With the intelligent, soothing technology and sleek, attractive design, it will be easy to understand as soon as you sit down why customers choose our Kawaii HG1310 over any other massage chair in the world.

Product Features

  • 3D Technology
  • Controller Included
  • 3 Memory Programs
  • Adjustable Head Cushion
  • Various Massage Programs