COZZIA Robotic Massage Chair, Black

air pressure massageThis Cozzia 363C Massage Recliner features auto-scan technology that custom-matches a massage routine to each user, as well as Zero Gravity positioning that elevates the knees, keeps the spine parallel to the ground, and eliminates vertical pressure on the vertebrae to heighten relaxation during use. An S-shaped back rest and automatic reclining add to the comfort and convenience of this massage chair. Six massage techniques include Swedish, Shiatsu, kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling. Boasting ten pre-programmed massages, manual programs for customization, massage intensity levels and width adjustmentable,partial and spot massage much helpful focusing on the fatigued points, full comprehensive support functions, such as vibration in seat, lumbar heating and air pressure massage for back, seat, arms, legs and feet. What’s more, this kind chair features stand-up support for the elderly or disabled person.

Product Features

  • Quad Roller 2D Robotic Massage Mechanism
  • One Touch Zero Gravity Position
  • 6 Full Body and 3 Partial Body Auto Programs
  • Air Compression massage for feet, calves, arms and hips
  • Vibration massage + lumbar heat


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