Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Massage Chair, Beige, 28 different types of massage technique, Neck Relax, Loop Knead/Tapping, Kiwami Knead/Kiwami Tapping, Shoulder Tapping, Kiwami Hip Massage

Fujiiryoki EC-3800BEIGE Model EC-3800 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Massage Chair, Beige

Fujiiryoki’s new full spec, flagship model. Equipped with the revolutionary new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system, the new ‘air magic’ shoulder care air massage, and a new 3-step footrest which covers all massage points below the knee. The new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system. The new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system controls the speed and time of all 3D movements to replicate the movements of the human hand to realise off speed and detailed massages.

Product Features

  • The KIWAMI MECHA 4D enables an industry leading 28 different types of massage technique. Neck Relax Gripping and stretching of the nape of the neck to improve blood circulation of the area around the neck.Loop Knead/Tapping Massaging across a wider range blending kneading and tapping techniques with up and down movements. Kiwami Knead/Kiwami Tapping Deep stimulation of the upper shoulder from above to relieve tightness of the trapezius muscles
  • Whole Body Stretch The combination of the shoulder care massage and foot stretch feature provides a whole body stretch experience. Twist Massage The waist and hip airbags combine to realize a twist massage. Foot Stretch Massage Promotes blood circulation of the lower body. High Speed Supply and Exhaust Unit The high speed supply and exhaust unit on board the EC-3800 is behind the high speed pressing/releasing action of the airbgs which enables the promotion of blood circulation
  • Shoulder Tapping A tapping massage moving parallel along the shoulder line. Kiwami Knead/Kiwami Tapping Effective in soothing strains, neuralgia, muscular discomfort in the back or buttock areas. Kiwami Hip Massage A synchronized massage of the knead balls and the seat airbags to massage hard to reach areas. 12 Level Strength Adjustability. 3D Point navigation system (+). The further evolved “Air magic” provides a comfortable massage for the whole body The high capacity and high output airbags provide a massage to hold and wrap the whole body, from the shoulders to the feet soles
  • Pulse Mode A rhythmical, human-like massage which consists of high speed repetition of pressurization → holding → depressurization which helps promote blood circulation. 3-Step Footrest Covers all Massage Points Below the Knees Equipped with the ankle slide mechanism, the 3-step footrest covers all massage points below the knees (calves, ankles, feet soles). The second section of the footrest can be freely moved to pinpoint preferred massage areas. The footrest is also adjustable to a maximum of 180mm using the electric slide and spring slide functions to enable a perfect fit for people of all shapes and sizes
  • Remote Control An easy to operate, high visibility, user friendly full color LCD remote control. 18 Auto Courses An industry leading※18 auto courses. Enjoy a favorite massage to meet every demand. Electric Reclining The seat back is able to be reclined from 120 to 170 degrees by remote control operation. Accessories Removable Back Pad & Pillow Both are easy to remove and maintain. Measurements (Approx): [When the footrest is stored] W820 x D1280 x H1230 (mm), [In the reclined position] W820 x D2050 x H780 (mm). Reclining angle (Approx): 120~170 degrees. Weight (Approx): 90kg. Voltage: AC110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V (50/60Hz). Power consumption: 115W. Rated time: 30 minutes

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