Infinity IT-8500X3 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Hi! Easy Massage Chair is happy to present to you the Infinity 8500X3. You may already be very familiar with the 8500 model, which is one of the best-selling models ever; now we have the upgraded version. So,┬ánot only do you have all the great full-body features, full-body massage features of the 8500, now you have some upgrades in the X3 version. Most notably, you have 3D massage — we have a separate video that shows you the benefits and how the 3D massage actually protrudes out further, or can be made to be very gentle. So, 3D massage, the top upgrade in the 8500X3, it has Bluetooth, so you can play music from it.

You can also control the chair; instead of using this remote, you can use your phone. Then there’s an upgraded Stretch Mode. So as you can see, this is the decompression stretch, one of the favorite features of the 8500, a big fan favorite. This time, the stretch goes even further back, so what it does is pull your feet down while arching your back and pulling your shoulders back, it’s a great feeling, if you’ve never tried it before. If you have tried it — you know what I’m talking about already. So, in a nutshell, that’s the 8500X3. If you have any other questions about it because there are a lot more features and benefits that we haven’t covered in this video, you know how to contact us. You can either call us at 888-612-8862 or you can of course you can find us on our website, which is

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