Massage King MK9199 Plus Newest Multi-Function Foot Massager / Leg Knee Angle Massager with Heat Therapy 2016 Model, Grey

This latest Massage King branded Leg Knee Ankle Massager With Heat Theraphy is your best option for foot massage. You can get the benefits of a quality foot massage at the comfort of your own home. This multifunction foot massager takes care of our sole, leg, knee and thigh. It’s the only foot massager model that can massage the knee and thigh. What is more? It is equipped with heat theraphy. Buy one today and stay healthy without going outdoors.

Product Features

  • The thigh – you can adjust the massager from 0-90 degree based on your needs. Through air pressure squeezing and impact of release,your muscle will be relaxed completely
  • The knee – the acupuncture points of your knee will be massaged from different angles. Infrared heating device can clear and activate the channels and collaterals as well as using far infrared heating function to effectively alleviate joint pain
  • The leg – with double action design is able to more effectively massage the leg. By squeezing and kneading via air pressure, acupuncture points around the leg are stimulated to improve blood circulation and reduce fatigure
  • The sole – use roller or traction in combination with gentle air bag force to stimulate the sole
  • Etl certified. Power: 110v plugs into regular outlet

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3 thoughts on “Massage King MK9199 Plus Newest Multi-Function Foot Massager / Leg Knee Angle Massager with Heat Therapy 2016 Model, Grey

  1. Reflexologizin’ leg squeezin’ beast! At almost 500 bucks out the door, and with the limited information available on this thing, I wanted my review to be thorough.Sorry for the length.This machine is the real deal.Mine came fully working, feels and appears to be well-built, and it’s been going strong everyday for a few weeks now.After reading these reviews, it seems some of the wiring or components can come lose in shipping or after extensive use, but the reviews also show that the thing…

  2. Problems inherent in this machine! Arrived and worked about two weeks, one time failed I plugged in again and it worked the second time it simply wouldn’t work. I contacted the seller and they said the wires had jiggled loose in shipping. Apparently this happens so often they sent me illustrated instructions on how to remove the back and repair it myself! These instructions are much better than the users manual that came with the machine but it must happen on a regular basis. AS I cannot possibly lift this thing I had to hire…

  3. Do not purchase I got mine a week ago, when i just got it the air inflation bags did not work, since I received on a Friday night i waited till monday to give suntech a call hoping to get a return, the lady was very nice in explaining to me how there could be just an air plug issue and sent be over instruction on how to fix it, I went back home and fixed the machine according to the instruction. And it worked fine for a day…then every time that i need to use the machine i need to open up the back cover and…

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