Zero Gravity Shiatsu

New Grey Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu MassageChair Recliner 3D Massager Heat

1. Professional “L shape massage chair”, 50” super long massage stroke, from the neck to the buttock directly. L shape design fits your body back shape perfectly, deeply massage the neck and shoulders, deeply massage your waist, butt until the thigh. 2. Adjustable Zero Gravity luxury massage chair. Two actuators can provide body stretch and rocking massage. 3. Six-roller back massage mechanism, provide rolling, kneading, tapping, pressing and other massage programs. Driven by a new developed motor, the massage roller can change its direction quickly, no need to wait, it also creatives more massage techinique combinations. 4. Intelligient auto detection function which confirm the massage range according to the body shape. 5. Slide forward before lying down, saving space from the wall(3” is ok). Freight shipment is very expense, if you simply refused the shipment, or if they can not get hold of you, they will send the item back to us, they will charge us the return shipping fee, if that happens, we will refund you minus the $300 shipping fee for both ways.

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