Review of Massage Chairs

Perhaps a good way to begin your search is to use Google for the query “massage chair reviews”. This is a good tool to begin your search to finding the best massage chair.

Sanyo manufactures one of the most popular massage chairs available. Some of their products offer innovative and advanced technology not found in other models. A couple of their models offer stiffness sensors, fitness sensors and massage memory. Stiffness sensors locate areas that need to be worked and target those specific areas. The fitness sensor determines your body shape and contour and assists the chair in fitting your needs.

Another leading manufacturer of massage chairs is iJoy. iJoy owns the patented “Human Touch” massage chair technology. These chairs move three-dimensionally and have four different mode settings. The American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists recommend iJoy’s products above all others.

Premier massage chairs have high rankings among message chair reviews. Consumers praise the chairs’ massaging techniques and say that they work wonders on back and neck pain. These chairs are also among the least expensive on the market. Consumers can buy a Premier message chair for up to $400 less than other brands.

Human Touch massage chairs are among the most popular and most expensive. These chairs are, by far, the most technologically advanced chairs of our time. The mechanisms inside the chair serve to closely resemble the firm and precise handling of a massage therapist. They are wonderful devices for people with neckFree Web Content, back and shoulder pain and have also been reported to aid in the relief of headaches and other ailments.

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