Infinity Altera L-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair

Hi! This is Easy Massage Chair again and we’re at the Infinity headquarters up in New Hampshire. We’re really excited to show you their newest chair: it’s the Infinity Altera. So the really exciting part about the Altera is that this will fit anyone that’s from 4-foot-9 and all the way up to 6-foot-4, maybe even 6-foot-5, up to 250 lbs. The reason why that’s so exciting is a lot of the massage chairs in the past, they couldn’t really accommodate everyone in the household that well. For example, someone that’s gonna be about 5 ft. or shorter than that, they would have a hard time; their head would be a little bit too low, the shoulders would be a little bit too narrow, so they’re missing out on a lot of the massage chair features.

And at the same time, someone that’s bigger, with wider frame, taller, it’s gonna be too tight for them so that’s what the Altera is the perfect solution to that. It’s designed by Infinity specifically to resolve that issue. So that’s why this is a very exciting chair. This also has a lot of the latest and greatest features as well, of course, like the zero wall — if you live in a smaller apartment or a smaller home, you’re gonna really appreciate it. You don’t have to put the chair 2 feet away from the wall, you can put it right up against the wall and the chair will slide forward for you and when it’s done, it will slide back to give you all that extra floor space. It’s got a great L-track chair (a L-track massage rather), the foot-rollers are very unique in this; it has a great wavy, foot motion and then of course there’s a lot other great features and benefits and there’s one, standout feature about it that you really can’t put on paper is that it has one of the smoothest massages that you’re gonna find on any chair.

You’d really gonna wanna try it for yourself to feel it. And here you can see it’s  going into the spinal alignment massage mode. It has a lot of other great advanced features as well, including the Bluetooth, so that you can get music from these speakers so you can put on something that’s really relaxing or whatever you want to get your massage to. So, there’s a lot more exciting features and benefits about the Altera, and we’re happy to answer any questions that you have so feel free to contact us through our website, of course, that’s or you can call us at 888-612-8862. Thank you very much! .

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