🌼NAIPO BACK MASSAGER SHIATSU SEAT CUSHION (Heat & Vibration) Rolling Kneading Review 👈

Hey guys so today I have a neck and back seat cushion massager to show you that will allow you to bring the spa to your home office or car all right so this is the Naipo shiatsu seat cushion massager featuring heat and vibration for your neck back hips and thighs the 3d shiatsu meeting is designed to imitate a human massage touch there are eight rolling massage notes that can be adjusted up and down and there’s an optional heat function as well this massage cushion has a handheld control with this own resting pocket right here and offers three levels of vibration to relieve stress in the upper thighs and hips now on the controller there are two red buttons at the top the one on the left is for heat the one on the right is to turn the device on and off on the right of the device it focuses on your back where you can focus on the your full back or your lower and then there’s an UP button if you want to hit a specific spot then for your neck there is a circle within a circle where you can pick which rotation you would like to have your neck need it in and that goes as well where you can go all the way down and then pick which desired level up you want to have you can also focus on different areas on your back and make that a target and you can turn your seat on as well it vibrates and provides a very nice comfortable vibration for you to sit in alright so I’m going to turn it on so you know what it looks like in action there we have the neck moving move it down move it up and back where it’ll work on all of it and if you hear that I did turn the seat vibration all right so I’m gonna turn heat on which this parts actually kind of cool you can tell when the Heat’s on because the balls on the back turn red unlike when it’s not so I am going to sit down and enjoy this okay so I turned it on and I am using it and I will let you know that this is very very comfortable I have you know backaches occasionally and right now it just it feels so much nicer to have something rubbing my back and saying what the neck is well it it needs and hits the right spots really so what’s great is if you have a long drive to tech make or take you know you can pull over use this in the car there is a cigarette lighter adapter that comes with this so you can massage the so you can enjoy this massage maybe even fall asleep to it or something as well there’s a 15 minute automatic timer there’s no button for it it’s automatic so you know just for safety or if you do end up falling asleep it will turn off this is the Naipo shiatsu chair cushion massager and it offers a comfortable therapeutic massage please check the description below to learn out more but learn more about this product and find our various other social medias as well please hit the subscribe button and keep your likes and comments coming thanks for watching

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Osaki OS-1000B model OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair

OS-1000BThe Osaki OS-1000 offers top level Osaki Massage features at a bargain price. The OS-1000 incorporates five easy to use automated programs that deliver a powerful and realistic massage. You can choose from Healthcare, Therapy, Full Body Relax, Neck/Shoulder, and Back/Lumbar. Massage techniques include Kneading and Tapping, kneading, tapping, Rolling. 3 Levels of adjustable intensity for each technique creates a fully customizable and comprehensive full body, seat, and leg massage. This chair also comes with Osaki’s Intelligent Four roller system that contours and scans the users body. The extensive range of motion provides massage from your neck all the way to your tailbone – an area which most chairs lack. 20 fatigue relieving air bags provide an invigorating massage for the legs, thighs and feet to promote better blood circulation to the lower extremities. The back rest and leg ottoman can be adjusted dependently. And when it’s time to move your chair the easy-roll casters make the experience practically effortless. The OS-1000 is available in black, brown or cream. 5 easy to use preset auto programs – Heath Care, Full Body Relax, Therapy, Neck/Shoulder, Back/Lumbar. Powerful and realistic full body, seat & leg massage. 4 Massage Types: Kneading & Tapping, Kneading, Tapping and Rolling. Intelligent 4 roller system conforms to the contour of your back. 3 levels of Manual speed control of the massage. 3 different width settings for rolling and tapping. Neck massage targets stress relieving “tsubo points”, Stroke length of 29 inches. Reaches from neck to tailbone. Fatigue relieving Air massage. 20 Air bags provide massage for the legs, thighs and feet. Adjustable air massage. 3 levels of intensity from strong to weak massage. Vibration massage on the seat and calves. 3 year warranty which includes full coverage of all parts and labor for 1 year, 2nd and 3rd year parts.

Product Features

  • Osaki OS-1000B model OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair in Brown delivers a powerful and realistic full body, seat & leg massage; 5 Easy to Use Preset Auto Program; 4 Massage Types: Kneading & Tapping, Kneading, Tapping and Rolling; Intelligent 4 roller system
  • Flexible, conforms to the contour and shape of your back; Manual speed control for the massage; 3 different width settings; Reclines to 170 degrees; Added neck massage feature; Massage heads are designed to target stress relieving “tsubo points” on your neck
  • Lower Back Range; The extensive range of motion allows for the roller heads to reach the tailbone area where most chairs lack; Stroke length of 29″. Reaches high up in the neck and low down into the tailbone section; Fatigue relieving Air massage; Total of 20 Air bags are located in the lower body of the chair to provide massage for the legs, thighs and feet
  • Promoting better blood circulation to the lower extremities; Adjustable Air Massage; 3 levels of intensity from strong to weak massage; Leg ottoman raises up or down dependently of the backrest; Vibration massage on the seat and calves; Easy-roll casters designed so wheels can be moved easily
  • Seat Height 35 in., Seat Depth 18 in., Seat Width 21.5 in., Product Max Height 46 in., Product Max Width 29.5 in., Product Max Depth 35 in., Product Weight 140 lbs., Shipping Weight 228.6 lbs.

GESS®17 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Back Full Body Back Neck Should Massage Seat Chair,for Home or Office

GESS Massaging Cushion with Heat
The GESS Customizable Massaging Cushion features many massaging options, allowing you to experience a fully customized massage session in the comfort of your own home or office.

Relieves pain, aches, tension and knots. Calms and reinvigorates you whether you’re in your chair at home, sitting at your desk at work.

Features the following massaging functions:
Shiatsu Deep Kneading:
Features Ten (10) deep 3D massaging nodes. Select your desired shiatsu mode; full back, upper back, lower back or precise spot selection. Allows also to select high speed for a more vigorous massage workout, or low speed for a more calming and relaxed massage experience.

Vibration Massage:
Features vibration points in the seat part of the cushion. Select low, medium or high vibration setting. Vibration massage can be operated in conjunction with the shiatsu massage mode or by itself.

Rolling Massage:
The roller massager helps you improve your posture and to roll out your pains and tight muscles. Select to roll massage your full back, upper back or lower back. Roller massage can also be changed to be wide or more inwards towards the spine; while the rolling is activated, press to move the nodes more inwards or outwards.

Therapeutic Heat:
Features an optional heat function; radiating gentle warmth, to help you unwind from a stressful day. (Heat therapy can be activated at the shiatsu massage function or rolling massage).

Airbag massage:
Side air pressure massage mode can relax you more

Timer Function:
The massager features a safety auto-off timer. Select to shut-off the massager after fifteen minutes.

Package includes:
Massage cushion
Home adapter
Owner’s manual

Product Features

  • MASSAGING NODES MOVE UP & DOWN – The Ten Shiatsu (10) Massaging nodes travel up and down, massaging the entire back. Select a full back massage, lower back or upper back. More than one speed setting and four back massage modes, select high or low speed. Features optional heat function, radiating gentle warmth, to help you unwind from a stressful day.
  • ADJUSTABLE SPOT FOCUS MASSAGING – The moving shiatsu massage nodes can be set to pinpoint a specific spot on your back. Press the arrows up to move it higher up your back, or press the arrow down to move the massage lower down on your back. The intensity of the massage can be increased or decreased depending by how hard you press against it.
  • VIBRATION MASSAGE – The seat cushion features three (3) levels of vibration massage. Enjoy your exact desired massage setting.
  • ROLLING MASSAGE – Features a powerful rolling massage function. Select the rolling massage to target your full back, lower back or upper back. Roll out the tightness in your muscles and tissues!
  • MIMICS REAL MASSAGE THERAPIST HANDS – Specially designed 3D rotating balls deeply penetrate your tissues and muscles, mimicking the vigorous kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist hands. Includes a home adapter.

Massage1 Seat Topper

Massage1 Seat Topper. Full-body massage without having to buy a whole massage chair. Upgraded Dynamic SqueezeTM massage gently squeezes away tension in the hips, waist, and seat Deep-kneading, adjustable Shiatsu massage nodes soothe aching muscles, relieve tightness, and help promote muscle recovery Rolling massage nodes travel the full length of your back, stimulating muscles on both sides of the spine Vibration seat massage with 3 levels of intensity Selectable heat further relaxes back muscles Handheld remote lets you customize your massage Fits in any chair for a great massage anywhere Foldable design for easy carrying and storage Massage anywhere–and everywhere–you want it. Simply put Massage1TM on any chair to instantly turn it into a massage chair! Our Shiatsu and rolling nodes travel the full length of your back for incredible massage at a fraction of the cost and size of a dedicated massage chair. The massage nodes can target specific areas if you like, and they easily adjust to fit the width and height of both your back and neck. When you’re done you’re your massage, our topper can be folded up and stored or moved to another chair. Dynamic SqueezeTM massage Improved Dynamic Squeeze air chambers by the hips and waist rhythmically expand and contract, and are designed to reproduce the gentle squeezing of a massage therapist. They help increase circulation and feel absolutely wonderful. Shiatsu Massage Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses circular-motion, deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points to help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles. Custom massage at the touch of a button. Use the attached handheld remote to control massage style, intensity, heat, air chambers, and select options for specific massage zones for targeted relief where you need it most. Benefits of Massage Massage can help: Accelerate muscle recovery Alleviate muscle pain Reduce heart rate Increase flexibility Improve circulation Promote bett

Product Features

  • Fits in any chair for a great massage
  • Upgraded Dynamic SqueezeTM massage technology
  • Shiatsu and vibration massage, plus heat therapy
  • Handheld remote to customize your massage

Comfort Products 60-2910 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat, Lavender

Enjoy a relaxing vibration massage at home, at the office or in the car with the Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Cushion by Comfort Products. Whether on or off, the soft polyester fabric, plush polyurethane foam and large seating area (19″W x 18″D) add support and style to any seating environment. Whether at home or in the car, the 10-motor massage cushion is sure to hit trouble areas affected by the day’s stress by gently massaging the neck, upper and lower back, lumbar, and thighs all at once or by targeting those areas individually. Selecting the proper massage for your need is important; the large backlit controller allows the user to choose from 8 different intensities and speeds and also includes 5 pre-programmed massage modes. To release even more stress and tension, simply push the heat button to activate the heated lumbar area. With the included AC adaptor (home use) and DC adaptors (car use), use the cushion while at work and take it with you for the car ride home. Treat yourself or someone else with the Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Cushion by Comfort Products.

Product Features

  • Note: this is not a Shiatsu kneading massager with rolling balls; this is a vibration massager only
  • Soft lavender polyester fabric with thickly padded neck rest and lumbar support pads
  • 10 invigorating vibration massage motors with variable speeds and independent massage zones
  • Soothing heat treatment and Memory foam in neck rest and lumbar support pads
  • AC and DC adaptors for home, office and auto with variable

Body Benefits by Conair Heated Massaging Seat Cushion

3 powerful motors provide soothing relief to upper back and lower back.

Product Features

  • 3 powerful motors provide soothing relief to upper back and lower back
  • Heat therapy and cushioned lumbar area provide ultimate relaxation
  • Easy-to-use remote hand control
  • Strapping system fastens to most chairs
  • Home Adapter Included

GESS18 Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat Back Full Body Back Neck Should Massage Seat Chair,for Home or Car

Sail away to the land of relaxation and get a warm soothing massage anywhere you go , Four Function Massage Seat Cushion with Heat.

Multi-functions act to relief tension, improve blood flow and remove stress from the body.

Massage, knead, vibrate and heat your way to feeling fine with special body targeting modes that you control.

A remote is included for easy adjustment without having to leave your seat.

Improve your life today with the relaxing power of massage therapy on the go.


– Great for the home, office, car or on the go to turn any seat into a portable massage chair

– Four functions: Neck kneading and heating with two massage heads, back kneading, seat vibration and thermotherapy

– Three back massage areas: upper, lower and full

– Three levels of seat vibration: low, medium and high

– 15 minutes auto shut-off timer

– Remote control for easy adjustment with side pocket for storage

– Thick padded cushion and adjustable strap for your comfort

Product Features

  • 4 Adjustable Moving Shiatsu Massage Nodes for the Neck Area with soothing Heating Function that can be turned on and off separately
  • 13 Adjustable airbags, pressure soothing massage
  • 8 Adjustable Moving Shiatsu Massage Nodes for the Back Area with soothing Heating Function that can be turned on and off separately.
  • 15 Minute Auto Shut-Off
  • 3 levels of vibration massage on the seat cushion.

Water Carbon 12v Round Switch 2 Seat 12v Car Seat Heating and Cooling Ventilation Cooling Van Truck Winter Electric Front Seat Four Seasons General Ventilation Cushion Seat Single Summer Heated Seat Cushion Office Chair Computer Chair Wheelchair Car Upholstery Car Seat Liangdian Double Ventilation Generic Car Truck 3d Summer Sit Cushion Shipping Winter Warranty Products Automobile Tape Shrink Conditioner Car Summer Coolest Rack Conditioned

Product installation video:http://youtu.be/yT7AnxwDuQA

car seat heating and cooling system(suitable for summer and winter)

1. Heating materials: highly tensile, improve safety and reliability of products.

2. Ventilation: excellent air distribution under high weight.

3. Comfort seats: bring driver and passengers cool summer and warm winter.

4. Also can be produced according to your special requirements


Current Draw: 3 Amps on Low Heat Setting and 5 Amps on High Setting per Seat.

Electronic thermostat (built into each pad) regulates the

electricity/temperature circulating within the seat heating pad

Included in the wiring harness is a relay that controls the

power/temperature of the heating pads from high to low with an in-line fuse.

Tech parameter:

Working Voltage: DC11V-15V

Heating Power: 56W±10%

Cooling Power: 10W±10%

Materials: 2pcs of heating pads (1pc for backrest; 1pc for cushion)

2pcs of air networks

Heating materials: Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber pad Size: backrest 480×280mm; cushion 480×280mm

Temperature controlled:30 (lowest) to 70 (highest)

Dimensions of networks: backrest 480×270mm; cushion 480×270mm

Length of Wire Harness: 2800mm

7 fans (4 install in bottom and 3 install in backrest)

Low noise:20-35dB

1 Set of wire harness

1 Dual Temp Heat/Cool/Off Round Switch

Other Product Buy URL:

5-speed Seat Heating and Cooling:


High-low round seat cooling:


Product Features

  • The prototypes of all of products are passed in the test of vertical shocks of 200,000 times and 45 angle torsion of 25,000 times with 75kg(165lb)artificial buttocks and five times temperature alternation test from high temperature(80 degree) for 3 hours to low temperature (-40 degree) for 3 hours
  • 1>Can be installed in any vehicle ,,,,,2>Heat/Cool/Off switch —-Dual Temperature switch (Heat/Cool/Off——Cool=Green Light, Heat=Red Ligh),,,,,,,, 3)Energy saving comfort system ,,,,,,,1)Higher safety (passed by the test steeped in 5% salty water for eight hours),,,,,,,4)Perfect reliability (higher bending strength of Carbon fiber heating wires),,,,,,5)Individualized design considerations (5 to 10 seconds postpone after triggering heating, in order to make electric motor starter work properly),,,,,,,,, 6)Competitive price with high quality,,,,,,,,,7)The size could be developed and manufactured according to your requirements,,,,,,,8)Stay you cool and comfortable in your car,truck or minivan.,,,,,9)We have got the patent of the climatic seat and the system are available both most foreign and domestic car seats.,,,,,8)Switches with autonomous intellectual property right,,,,,10)Controls the temperature automatically,,,,,,11)Use the advanced special equipment(the only one in Chinese),,,,,,12) The heating power will not be attenuated in the long run.
  • We offer a complete suite of thermal technologies for all-season comfort. Our seat climate technology delivers a pleasant microclimate, preventing heat from accumulating between the seat and passengers during hot days and delivering a cozy, warm riding environment during the cooler times of the year.As interior features become an increasing force in consumer appeal, the car Climate Seats will influence purchasing decisions in the new car market, and our innovative, affordable solutions of Bus Climate Seats have made our thermal comfort products available to various vehicle classes.
  • We offer base systems that use a simple blower or a heat mat or a combination of the two of climate seat. Our more sophisticated systems include thermoelectric technology to provide added cooling and the flexibility of pre-conditioning and variable temperature control of the seat. ? Big air out, bring you cold air immediately in the summer or keep warm in winter. ? Super speed fan draws in ambient air for ventilation comfort behind your back and thighs.
  • To provide uniform heating and cooling of the Bus Climate Seats , we optimize air distribution. Our fans are designed for the seat environment, providing airflow performance while minimizing noise and vibration, and like our partners and customers, we’re focused on energy efficiency. We’re constantly improving our climate seat systems for minimal energy usage while continuing to deliver thermal comfort ,With unique design, this product gives great solution to the sweat and hot under car drivers’ hip. The advanced, effective and healthy technology is used to make this products.

Titan Ti-7700R Electric Full Body Massage Chair, S-track Roller System, Outer Shoulder Massage, Hip & Seat Vibration, L-track Roller System(Black)

The TI-7700R is the latest in advanced Titan technology, now integrated with L-track Roller System and improves spinal decompression and decreases muscle tension of the spine.Also,It is easy to use remote control allows you to navigate through the features with ease. This Titan 7700R model offers L-Track functionality.It provides support to both your neck and back, especially in the lumbar area. Ti-7700R is also built on hip & seat vibration, outer shoulder massage, arm massage, and foot and calf massage.

Product Features

  • L-track Roller System, Spot Feature
  • Arm Massage, Easy to use remote control
  • Computer Body Scan, Outer Shoulder Massage
  • Foot & Calf Massage
  • Hip & Seat Vibration, Low Lumbar heat