Premium shiatsu style massage chair LM-7000 is perfect for people who need a custom massage at the moment they need. You can customize its performances and movements very easily with the special designed remote with our long term experience with massage chair. The unique movements of the airbags help loosen muscles for more effective massages and it will makes the difference on your body. 30 days of return will be accepted with less shipping and 20% Restocking Fee. • WARRANTY- Kahuna LM-7000 gives limited warranty for 5 years. We offer warranties for all parts, labor and structural framework of the chair. We guarantee that your qualified product will be repaired. This Kahuna Massage Chairs for residential use only. It is a non-transferable warranty. First two years covers all parts and labor cost. Customers do not pay anything until the second year. We offer onsite repair service. For the third year warranty covers parts. However, customers need to repair own or ship their products to our company. Customers must pay one way shipping cost. For the third to fifth year warranty covers structural framework. • SPECIFICATIONS [ PRODUCT MODEL ] LM-7000 [ Rated voltage ] 110-120V [ Rated Frequency ] 50 Hz [ RATED POWER CONSUMPTION ] 230W Max [ DIMENSION ] (LXWXH) 65 x 30 x 40 Inches[ NET WEIGHT ] 249Lb , Fully assembled body except the side parts of the chair.

Product Features

  • White Glove Service included 1) We deliver to residential areas only 2) Remove the Pallet. 3) In room of your choice (no change of room after it’s placed). 4) Unpack chair from the box. 5) Assemble up to 30 minutes starting from opening the box. 6) Debris removal and box removal. [Hawaii and Alaska areas are excluded]
  • Quick Sessions on Busy Days – Start your day fresh with LM-7000 with quick 5 minutes massage and end your tired day with up to 30 minutes of massage to revive your body with 4 types of automatic full body massage functions.
  • Control its Performance – You can customize its performance by choosing roller width, speed, and air bag pressure massage up to 3 levels. Remote for LM-7000 is specially designed for user to easily operate the chair without operating many buttons like other models. One touch 2 levels zero gravity positions are available and also able to customize reclining position manually. Targeted fixed spot massage, quick full-body massage to timing is also adjustable with the remote.
  • Target Fixed Dynamic Spot Massage Chair – Especially target your weak, tired, sore spot with kneading, tapping, shiatsu to get full effects.
  • [ DYNAMIC TWIST AIRBAG MOVEMENTS ] Uniquely designed air massage technology covers most of the surface area with minimal number of airbag unlike others. It ultimately brings up the massage by quality. The airbags are programmed to inflate separately which causes the body to twist and deep stretch. It stretches applied to the shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs. [ 4 ROLLERS L-TRACK MASSAGE SYSTEM ] It is a shape of roller trail designed to supports to your neck to back and all the way to buttocks and this position decompresses each individual spine and increases the effects of massage. [ ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE TIME ] 5minutes interval massage time can be adjustable up to 30 minutes.[ HEATING THERAPY ] Heating therapy option on your lower back and calves area. [ ZERO GRAVITY ] Two full zero gravity positions available with one touch zero gravity button. [ INTELLIGENT BODY SCAN TECHNOLOGY ] Massage Chair scans body size automatically, and you can now enjoy custom fit body massage. [ SHOULDER, LUMBAR & HIP SQUEEZE ] The twist program targets to the buttock and waist area. It causes your hips to twist left to right. Also, it provides effective stretch. [ SPECIAL AUTO YOGA STRETCHING PROGRAM ] Stretches your full body to fully relaxed. [ SPACE-SAVING TECHNOLOGY ] Space Saving Technology only need 4 inches from the wall to recline to full zero gravity position with slide reclining technology. [ BUILT IN PREMIUM SPEAKERS ] Speakers on each side of head rest will help you enjoy the relax music you like while getting a massage

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